Friday, September 25, 2009

Anna University Coimbatore ; a worthless piece of shit

IF U are planning for a quality BE / MCA / MBA or ME , DONT join anna university coimbatore .

Reason s
The Dictionary doesnt have the word Infrastructure over there .
All Staffs are crooked . with no qualification or experience and are money minded .
They consider themselves Dons and indulge in politics rather than academics .

Dont waste ur valuable time over this croooked setup . pursue some other college / university .


almost no staff knows about programming . there is no lab . they are using other departments labs for exams . u ll lose ur interest if u join this streams

No respect for students. one mental even demands assignments to be written ininkpen while the rules states no usage of ink pens . these guys dont have a regular classrooms and are seen often loitering in the lawn

Lots of politics . no staff respect other staffs and vice versa from students . Even the students who scored in single digit in TANCET are admitted in the MBA course this year with wide range of Bribery ring in operation .

Distant education
Go for AU chennai . At least they didnt spoil their name like these useless university running morons .

Hostel .
If u want to experience how the jews were locked up in the hands of third reich , join AU CBE Hostels . Un hygenic food , over crowded rooms , open sanitation and inadequate water supply makes u run out of the campus .
Anna university Coimbatore ( AU CBE ) was established by Tamil nadu government after they decided to cash in on the name of AU Chennai . But the resultant 3 universities established in the same name in different locations are nothing but a pile of shits , with no quality but quantity equaling cattle loads of students .

AU CBE was headed by one fraud holding the position of Vice chancellor named Radha Krishnan . This guy actually don't have any qualification but due to his political connections got the post . Trying to follow the old Anna Universities path of gaining name by setting up a university on a already popular institution , this guy tried hard to set his shop on GCT kovai . But the true GEMS over there students and staff alike resisted smelling the rat in this guy . SO , With his relatives , he leased a old run down Mill in Coimbatore jothipuram and setup his shop . to attract masses he opened up never heard of courses like an exclusive 3 year BE programme , almost 48 variants of MBA , impossible to teach fields in ME etc . Of course there are no staffs .

With a entrance exam exclusively for Coimbatore region , this thug manages to command affiliations of other colleges in the region . thus demanding huge extortion money from other education bitches in the region to cash in for affiliations and recognitions . with no steady campus , poorly selected staffs with no qualification and a bunch of thugs such as IPR, kannadhasan etc he reigned the region with a lot of head weight .

But alas , he forget to feed his superiors and then this VC bugger was framed for his extraneous wealth accumulation (almost 60 crores in 30 months ) in his name and his wifes name . And the law suspended him rendering him a disgrace for technical education in the state . with the thug gone , the stat eof university is in shambles .